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Short Story: Conquering The World


You have probably read about conquerors who conquered many lands. What do you think they wanted to achieve at the end of their expedition? And was they an easy way to accomplish that? This short story will help us answer these questions.

“There once lived a powerful king who undertook an expedition to conquer foreign lands. His wise counsellor asked him, “Great king, to what purpose do you set out on this endeavour?” “To become master of Asia”, the king replied. “And then what?” asked the counsellor. “I shall invade Arabia”, said the king. “And after that?” “I shall conquer Europe and Africa; and finally, when the whole world is under me, I shall rest and live at ease.” To this, the wise counsellor retorted, “But what keeps you from resting and living at ease here and now, if that is all you want? You could settle down this very day without the trouble and risks.” And the king was speechless.”

Moral of the short story

We always think that we will be satisfied when we acquire all the greatness we can. But true satisfaction comes when we are free, happy and have less to worry about. Be content with what you have.

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