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How To Find True Happiness


What does it mean to be truly happy? It Is difficult to see people who are truly happy today; many people think happiness comes when they get married and have children, others believe they’ll be happy when they have a house or a car, others still, say they will be happy when they land a good job or get into college.
But does all these really bring us happiness? Yes, it may bring us happiness at that moment, but such happiness can be fleeting and fade away quickly. Lasting happiness is not based solely on achievement or acquisition. Rather, true happiness depends on a variety of factors. Well how do you find true happiness?
Each of us is unique, what makes you happy may not make someone else happy. Additionally, we change as we grow older. Evidence suggests that some things are more consistently associated with happiness. For example, genuine happiness is linked to:

  • Finding contentment
  • Avoiding envy
  • Showing love to others
  • Building mental and emotional resilience.

There is a saying, “A lover of silver will never be satisfied with silver, nor a lover of wealth with income.” When we keep seeking for wealth, we will never be satisfied, and we will always want more to add to the ones we have. Such manner of living can be perilous to our happiness and may even bring more problems for us. Being content with what we have brings peace of mind which is very rear.

How to find true happiness

AVOID ENVY:- envy is defined as ” the painful or resentful of an advantage enjoyed by another, accompanied by a desire to possess the same position. Like a malignant growth, envy can take over one’s life and destroy happiness. How might envy take root? The encyclopedia of social psychology observes that people tend to envy their equals, perhaps in age, experience or social background. A salesperson for instance, might not envy a famous movie star. But he may envy a more successful fellow salesperson. How do we know we are becoming envious? Ask yourself, does the success of others delight or deflate me? Am I sad or gleeful when I see the failures of others? Your answers can determine if we nurture envy. Envy can poison a person’s capacity to enjoy the good things in life and snuff out feelings of gratitude for life’s many gifts. Such tendencies are hardly conducive to happiness.
How can we combat envy? We can do so by cultivating genuine humility and modesty, which enables us to appreciate and value the abilities and good quality of others.

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CULTIVATE LOVE FOR OTHERS:- It is said that “to be happy with oneself it is necessary to make at least one other person happy… The secret of human happiness is not in self-seeking but self-forgetting.” This is true because we always feel happy when we show love or make others happy. To be truly happy humans need to give and receive love. Such happiness we derive from helping others is pure and genuine and can never be bought.

BUILD RESILIENCE:- Resilience which simply means being able to endure tolerate or carry on despite tribulations, obstacles or hardships. There is a saying, “it’s not the kind of problem we face that matters it’s how we face them.” Being resilient can help us to be happy especially when we face problems. How can we build or develop this beautiful trait? We can do so by not focusing so much on our problems and being engulfed by them but rather we should focus on the things that bring us inner joy which priceless.

In the way of conclusion, true happiness does not come from achievement or acquisitions. But rather from finding that which gives us inner joy and peace by being content, strong and caring. When we do all these things and show love for others, then we will be truly happy.

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