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How To Learn From Your Failures

Nobody likes to fail, that is a fact. However, we do fail, all the time. Failure is said to be the best teacher, but its truth is nobody really gains knowledge from failure.

Acquiring knowledge from our failures is essential. Failure, as they say, is also the mother of success. Hence, learning from your failures can guarantee you success in the future. But the truth is that learning from failures is not easy. To figure out what lessons we learn from failures, will be difficult especially when we are disappointed, frustrated, embarrassed or demoralized.

This article will help you know how to learn from your failures. You will find out the practical ways to learn from failures, avoid failing again,achieve happiness  and breed success.


How to learn from failures

How To Learn From Failure

To be able to gain knowledge from failure, you should be able to decipher the subtle lessons to be learnt. They will require some deep thinking, meditation and positive actions.

1. Acknowledge the fact that you failed

I didn’t say you should accept your failure. The statement means you should recognize that fact that you failed while trying to do something. Doing this will help you reduce your ego and focus on learning from your failures.

2. Reevaluate your plans

Ask yourself, why did I fail? How was my planning like?. They say when you fail to plan you plan to fail. Remind yourself of the plans you made which lead to the failure. Ask yourself, what went wrong? And what didn’t you do well?. Then after locating the mistakes find out what you would have done better.

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3. Ask people for help

Whenever we fail, it is imperative to turn to people who know better and ask them for help. Your goal of asking them shouldn’t be just to find a solution, but for them to help you learn from your failures. They should help you, by telling you what you would have done better.

4. Focus on the things that were in your control 

Sometimes when we fail, our minds tell us that our failure was inevitable. That no matter what we would have done, we would have still failed. This is not completely true. For example, suppose you created a product, and people were unable to patronize you. You might think you failed because people didn’t just like it, and there was nothing you could do. Don’t think that way! They were many things in your control; you could have advertised the products better, or renew your selling strategy. So, learn from the aspects of the failure which you could have controlled.

5. Understand that it is alright to fail, but you can learn from it

Accept that if you try again, you might still fail, but believe that you will learn something from any failure which will bring you closer to your success. Don’t relent.

How to learn from failures

Failure is definitely not final, and learning also never ends. Learn from your failures anytime you fail, and you will be successful in your endeavours.

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