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There will always be that moment in our life when things get way out of hand, and the weight of giving up becomes too much, the pressure, the stress and the fear. All these factors come down on you, and at times you feel like “I am tired, I give up.”
Such times can be difficult I agree but hey, who on earth has lived his or her lives without problems, troubles or anxiety. We all experience them some more harsh or severe than others, but what really matters is not the kind of trial we face but the way we face them. How you act, how you face or handle a problem in times of distress, say a lot about you and at times brings out another side of you. Are you calm or anxious? Are you patient or disquiet? Are you dependent or do you rely solely on your strength? Analysing these traits can help.

Let’s look at some scenarios by which we may feel downhearted.
“You are a student in college, and you can’t keep up with your peers, they are way ahead of you in every aspect, you begin to look down on yourself, even thinking of quitting if it gets too much”. Maybe you are an employee in your place of work, with all the workload and pressure your boss and workmates, you are working hard to the best of your capability, but you are still not appreciated, recognized or commended.” Or rather  “maybe you are a young man or woman  newly married or contemplating marriage, you may not yet feel ready to handle the responsibility of caring for a family or raising and training kids.”

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These are all situations in life when we may feel the lack of strength to go on. But in times like these, all we need is some inspiration, something to look forward to, something to hold on to, something to rekindle the flame we once had and get us moving. We get inspiration from many places; it could be from someone or something. And that’s why I’m here to provide you with inspirational articles to read in your times of need.
Here we feature inspirational talks, stories, quotes, poems and pictures to up build, rejuvenate, strengthen and reinforce you in your times of despondency.

Nwokolo Steven.



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