Parents: How To Motivate Your Children To Succeed


For any nation or society to progress, it starts with the family. The family which is the basic unit of the society should be stable, noble and upbuilding, and for that to be possible, it depends a lot on the parents. Parents are the guide in the family and it their responsibility to make sure that the children are well brought up and valuable to the society. Sad to say, many families in the world are devoid of the right approach and methods to do so, this has led to the crumbling of many families and children becoming rebellious as they approach adolescence.
As parents you all want to see your children succeed, that’s like every good parent’s dream. But for that to be achieved you need to play your part as a parent, and I think it won’t be that difficult for you since you’re reading this. In this article we will discuss the measures and practical steps you can take as a parent to motivate your children to succeed. Let’s look at six areas which you can look into and work on.


Establishing a good communication system between you and your child is very important. Don’t let your work or other activities take away the time ought to  spend with your kids. Many parents lose their kids because they never knew what was going on with them. As a parent, your priority should be your children. Mothers, talk to your daughters, know what’s on their minds. Fathers, talk to your sons know the things they like. When the good communication system is established in the family, it helps children open up and talk to you about their problems and secrets, but for that to be possible parents have to be approachable, don’t be too hard and harsh on them, a little smile won’t do any harm. So if you have a problem communicating with your kids start now to work on it.


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“A good word said at the right time is uplifting.” We all feel great when we are commended for something we did, in the same way, you should commend your children when they do something right. It doesn’t matter if it was something small or big; even little things require commendation. Also, encouragement is necessary, because at times they may not get it all right so your encouragement is needed. When we commend and encourage our children, it gives them that feeling of optimism and the spirit to want to do more, just the words “well done, it’s nice” or “I believe you can do it,” can make a lot of difference. Try it you’ll see, it works…


How To Motivate Your Children To Succeed


it is essential to know how your kids spend their time, are they always on their phone? Are they always playing, watching TV or on the internet? These things can consume a lot of time and make your child lose track of what is important. So as a parent you can help your kids by speaking to them about how they should spend their time, and also you could help them plan and make a schedule which would map out their time and the things to do at the right time. You should also encourage them to follow the schedule and to try to keep up. This would help your child to be organized and do things at the right time.


it is said that one can tell the kind of person you are by the kind or friends you keep. This is very important because the kind of friends your child keep can influence him/her for better or worse, I wouldn’t prefer the later. So parents should know the kind of friends their children keep. To do this, you don’t have to monitor your child’s every move but just knowing those he/she spends most of their time with. They should be people who share the same goals and ambitions as your child. If that’s not the case and you notice your child displaying bad habits that he/she never showed before, as a parent you should tactfully put an end to that friendship. Remember, your child is yours to train, and if you don’t do it someone else will do it for you.

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This is another essential part that parents overlook, you need to bear in mind that your children are not blind and they see, hear and feel everything you do, well not in the Brandon Stark kind of way, but they  notice the little things you do before them, so you have to be watchful, try not to lose it in front of them. Also, live your life in a way that is worthy of emulation. When you are organized, focused, diligent, hardworking and clean your children see these things and will try to portray such qualities. Most of the time we hear children say “I want to be like my mum” or “I want to be like my dad”. That’s it; they look up to you; don’t let them down.


How To Motivate Your Children To Succeed


And here it is the most important of all “love.” Love is essential in a family, in fact, it is the force that keeps the family together, when you show love to your children it is most likely they’ll love you in return, and what better way of showing love than always being there for them when they need you. Also, simple expressions or gestures of affection can help a lot like “a kiss on the forehead” or better still tell them to their faces that you love them, you may not know that it changes things.

So that’s it, parents it’s now up to you to build that young boy or girl into the man or woman he/she will become tomorrow. Children are like precious gifts to us, and it is your responsibility to care for them, so do your part well and see how things turn out.

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