Top 15 Quotes About Failure

Experiencing failure is part of human life. We are bound to fail at something and at a point in time. How we react when we fail is essential to our chances of success. It is true,  nobody likes to fail. But it is imperative that you learn from your failures. This top quotes about failure will teach you something important.

Top Quotes About Failure

  1. “Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved.”
  2. ” One if the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken.”
  3. “To sumble twice against the same stone is a proverbial disgrace, but its worse when you refuse to get up.”
  4. “Any man can make mistakes, but only a fool persist in his error.”
  5. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”
  6. “Do not be afraid of mistakes, providing that you do not make the same one twice.”
  7. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success.”
  8. “It is hard to fail but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
  9. “Not failure but low aim is a crime.”
  10. “The one who fears failure limits his activities, failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.”
  11. “Most people spend more of there time and energy going around problems than in trying to to solve them.”
  12. “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lesson of failure.”
  13. “Discouragement and failure are the two surest steppingstones to success.”
  14. “Success comes through many advisers.”
  15. “It doesn’t matter how many times we fail, what matters is how many times we are willing to try again.”
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