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How To Effectively Encourage Someone

Everyone needs encouragement. Yes, we all need someone to encourage us to do things better and to move forward. However, most of us don’t know how to encourage someone.
Don’t worry, in this beneficial article; you will learn how to encourage someone.

  1. How To Encourage Someone

Did you know that the word ‘encourage’ comes from the French word encoragier, which means “make strong, hearten.” Encouragement can be said to be a way of recognizing the good others do, and seeking more of it.
Now let us learn some practical ways we can encourage someone.


How to encourage someone

1. Say encouraging words to them

Words have power, and you can use such power to help people around you. Words like ‘I believe in you ‘, ‘You did well today, I am sure you can do better’ and ‘I am proud of your efforts’ have a powerful effect on people.

Say encouraging words to people so that they can be better and improve themselves.

2. Praise their little efforts

Sometimes it is better to focus on the effort that someone puts in, rather than how well they did work. Appreciating their efforts, even the tiniest ones can encourage them to do more.

3. Focus on their positive aspects

Tell them the good things about them, do not flatter them, be genuine. Let them know that they are good at certain things and they can improve on others too.

4. Take a personal interest in them

When we show a keen interest in people, they are bound to open up to us. They are hence, likely to accept our words of encouragement at all times. Ask after them and show that you care.

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5. Maintain a positive attitude around them

Another way to encourage someone is to maintain a positive attitude when you are around them. You need to be positive if you want them to be positive. Your attitude will encourage them subtly.

Thanks for reading. Always encourage people around you!

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