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How To Combat Your Fears

We all have our fears but the most important thing is conquering them. Fear, which is a feeling of anxiety or dread, uneasiness or concern comes only when we let it. We should also bear in mind that our fears can at certain times be helpful, because they keep us in check and prevent us from acting rashly. But most at times fear can be perilous. Fear can be likened to the roar of a lion, as powerful as, it may sound it actually has no power at all. A lions roar cannot trap or kill its prey, it can only intimidate and frighten its prey. So whenever you feel that fear coming rather than tremble and run you can fight and conquer. Here are 5 steps to help you combat your fears.

this is the first and most crucial step, because you can’t fight what you don’t know. What is involved in this step? It involves recognizing your fears for what it is, a mere feeling that can’t harm you. You have to know the things that scares you and the reasons why. Understanding its source is also important because it can help you know its weakness.

 Fear always springs from ignorance. _Ralph Waldo Emerson 

The next step is to face it. After identifying your fears you prepare to face them. This involves confronting them and showing resilience, building up the inner strength and confidence in yourself. You can do this by gathering all the necessary tools for the next step, tools such as information and support from others. Remember fear has only as much power as you give it.

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Nothing is so much to be feared as fear.  _Henry David Thoreau  

After knowing and facing your fears you fight them. This stage requires work. Using all the weapons at your disposal to fight it. This stage may involve making tough call decisions and rooting out those things that bring about fear in your life. It is also important to seek help at this stage because you’ll stand a better chance if you are not alone. The fight against your fears is not an easy one but you can win. Fight right fight smart.

He who fears to be conquered is sure of defeat. _Napoleon Bonaparte

After fighting and suppressing your fears you overcome it. You do so by letting go of the things that causes fear. Those things that trouble and weigh you down, you vanquish them and leave them behind. Remember you don’t get rid of your fears completely, they are still there, but they don’t have a great power over you.


Courage is one step ahead of fear.  _Coleman Young

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At this point you are no longer afraid, all you need to do stop, block or prevent your fears from creeping and finding its way back to your mind. You can do this by moving on with your life and doing things that makes you happy.


To lead is difficult when you are a follower of fear.  _T.A. Sachs

Now it is up to you to look at your life. Is there something that you really want to do, and haven’t? If so, could it be fear that is stopping you? At the end of our, we often regret not doing the things we really wanted to do. Don’t let fear rob you of the life you were meant to have.

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