How To Make The Right Decisions – 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Anywhere we are, at any point in time, we are all faced with the weight of decision making. Decisions as we have it are like a compass or steering, they control, direct and shape our lives. Making the wrong decisions can be ruinous while the right ones can be quite satisfactory. Many people today find it difficult to make decisions for fear of making the wrong ones, others would prefer that someone else make the decisions for them. Some situations where we might be faced with decision making include, deciding who to marry, deciding what to wear, what to buy and what to do with you time, deciding what friends to keep and where to go, just to mention a few. There is no need to be indecisive in such situations, rather making those decisions ourselves can help boost our self confidence and morale. In other to guide you in making the right decisions I have prepared 5 vital questions to ask yourself before making any decision. Deep reflection on these questions will go a long way in guiding you, they are all applicable in all situations.

This is usually the first question you ask yourself when faced with a decision. Does the decision benefit you? Most of the time the decisions we make are for our benefit, but not all the time. For example you may decide to spend time on trivial things when you have a pile of important things to do. This kind of decision can be damaging to you, so its better to consider things that will do you good.

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“When you are not sure flip a coin
 because while the coin is in the air
 you realize which one you are actually 
        hoping for”_ Jay Shetty

Another question comes in now, bringing the interest others to play. It is always essential to consider others when making decisions. The best decision you can make are the ones that benefit others because there is a feeling of serenity you get when you help others. Sometimes not all decisions you make for the benefit of others will always be to your benefit, in such times you try to be discerning.

“Decide not rashly. The decision made Can never be recalled.” _Henry Longfellow

Not all decisions that doesn’t benefit you affects you. Decisions that affect you are also know as stupid decisions. When you make decisions that affects you, you tend see the negative effects. How can you know decisions that affects you? Take this example. You want to go somewhere precisely a party, you know fully well that it is not safe and something bad can happen but you still insist on going and something bad happens to you. Most of the time decisions that affect us are made in a haste and out of an unclear head. So it is necessary to take time to ponder each step.

    “Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.”            _Sophocles

At times you may not care about how your decision affect others but it is really crucial to make sure that the decisions we make does not affect others. We should bear in mind that Decisions we make that doesn’t benefit others does not necessarily affect them. Take for example a parent who decided not to get for his or her child a particular toy or gaming set. This decision does not affect the child in any way neither does it benefit the child. Decisions that affect others are those decisions we make that cause bad things to happen to others. Example suicide bombing.

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“We have a choice: to plow new ground
 or let the weeds grow.” _Jonathan Westover

This is what most people seem to forget. The decisions you make now can have later effect on you either good or bad. So instead of waiting till you start feeling regret or certainty, start now to imagine how things will turn out. Ask yourself how will I feel about this decision I’m about to make after a day, a week, a month or even a year? You’ll be surprised.

So that is it all. I am sure these five vital questions will be enough to guide you in your journey of making the right decisions.
Leave a comment in the comment box if you got something from this article. Remember decisions shapes lives, make the right ones and you will get the perfect shape.

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