Top 15 Quotes On Trust


  Trust; to have confidence, dependence or reliance on someone or something. Trust is what bonds friends and families together. It’s harder to build but easier to break. Never break the trust someone has in you. Read our top 15 quotes on trust, you can also comment yours and any one you find interesting.
1. “In the end,we will remember  not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.”
2. “Be careful who you bring to the top with you, not everyone is loyal.”
3. “In life, make mistakes but never break trust, because forgiving is easy but forgetting and moving on is sometimes impossible.”
4. “Trust is like a piece of paper which when wrinkled can never be as smooth as it was.”
5. “Never share your dreams with people, just show them the results.”
6. “Trust takes time to build but seconds to tear down.”
7. “Without trust there can be no true friendship.”
8. “You don’t need a lot of friends just a few you can trust.”
9. “When you let so many people into your life you are bound to experience betrayal.”
10. “There is no greater pain than being hurt by someone you care about.”

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11. “Life is not all about having millions of friends, it’s about having a friend who stands with you when millions are against you. “
12. “Sometimes we trust so much that we fail to see the enemy within.”
13. “They say trust no one but yourself but sometimes we find it hard to trust even ourselves.”
14. “It is only in times of misfortune that we know those to trust. “
15. “Love all trust a few do wrong to none.”


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