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How to Cope With Failure in an Examination

Failure happens to all of us and coping with failure can be extremely hard to do. Failing an exam can destroy your confidence, it can leave you feeling embarrassed, frustrated and depressed. It is natural to feel this way, especially when you tried all you could. Learning how to cope with failure in exam is what you need to know.

Nonetheless, you need to remember is that failure in an exam does not make you any less intelligent or less possible of achieving success in life than those who had better results in the exams. Failing in an exam is not the end of the world.

So let’s all agree that it’s a great disappointment to fail. But that’s where the negative feelings should stop. You know why? Because it is entirely possible to achieve greater success in the future in spite of that temporary setback. That is the reason why I have decided to write this article to keep you motivated (if you’ve recently failed an examination or test) and to show you how to overcome the disappointment and move on with your wonderful life.


How to cope failure in an examination

Here are some tips on how to cope with failure in an examination.

1. Accept the responsibility for your failure

When you face failure in an exam, your first reaction might be to blame other people or some external factor for your failure. However, It’s essential to understand that while others may have affected the result, your failure is never the complete responsibility of someone else. So learn to accept the responsibility of your failure. Take it so that you can move forward.

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2. Don’t overthink things

Because you failed doesn’t mean you are a total failure in everything. Do not let yourself failure hurt your self-esteem and self-confidence. Do not let your failure define who you are.

3. Accept the failure as temporary

Failure is not permanent. It is a stepping stone to bigger success. Remind yourself that this failure in your exam was temporary. Give yourself hope by telling yourself that you can overcome the present challenges and achieve success.

4. Avoid negative thoughts and depression

How to cope failure in an examination

When you fail at something, you might tend to start condemning yourself and fall into depression. Try to identify such negative thoughts. Don’t think for once that ‘you are a loser,’ ‘you don’t think I will be able to come back from this.’ A negative thought can stop you from moving forward, never allow them.

5. Learn from your failure in the exam

Worrying about why you failed won’t help you score better on your next test. Whenever you fail an exam, the smartest thing to do is to examine it and determine the causes which led to the failure. Look at it critically to cope with failing an exam. Why did you fail? What might you have done to produce a better result? What could you learn from this failure to ensure that it doesn’t occur again? Learn how to learn from your mistakes and move on.

6. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else 

Comparing yourself to someone else after failing an exam will lead to severe negative emotions and sadness. Resist the urge to compare yourself to someone who performed better.

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7. Change your study methods

Bad results mean that it is time to change your studying methods. Change your studying techniques and concentrate more on areas where you are weak. Find out the best way you learn, and use it. Are you a visual learner, do you learn through illustrations? Figure it out.

8. Confide in someone

Talking to someone you trust can help you cope with failure in an exam. It may be a family member, a friend or even your teacher.

Thanks so reading, I hope you now know how to cope with failure in exams and are determined to overcome the disappointment. Please share it on.

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