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How to Motivate Your 7 Year Old Child

The age of 7 can be a difficult period for a child. During that age, many kids will learn a lot of life values that will be essential in their life. Is your 7-year-old child unmotivated in spite of your strong efforts to motivate them? Learn how to motivate your 7-year-old child.

Before you find out how to motivate your 7-year-old child, you need to know that some kids are self-motivated. While some other kids are less self-motivated and need extra help or might need a lot of help, if you have been wondering how to motivate your seven-year-old child, you might automatically begin to imagine rewarding your child for every action, he or she does right.

However, a child also needs to know the negative consequences for steps he takes in the wrong direction. The best approach you can take to motivate your child is to go easy when you want to reward then and when you want to punish them. It is also imperative that you cultivate your child’s  motivation and encourage him to tune into the feelings of accomplishment and the pride he feels for a job well done.


How to motivate your 7 year old child


1. Set goals for your child

Set reasonable goals for your children. You can help them set personal goals. You could write a list of short-term goals and then add one of the long-term goals.
You need to ensure that the goals are attainable but will also require a considerable amount of effort to obtain.

2. Praise them when they accomplish good things

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Whenever your kids do something good, praise them. This is one way to motivate your seven-year-old child.
Nonetheless, be shrewd when showering praises to them, you don’t want them becoming pompous.

3. Be a little competitive

It is advisable to add a little bit of competitiveness to your kids. If you want to motivate your 6, you need to be competitive. Help them to realize the value of winning and show them that it builds up their character.

4. Encourage them always

Always be there to encourage your child. Whenever he or she is in doubt or unhappy, let your child know that you believe in them.
Let them know that they are great and they are going to do a lot of things. Get rid of any self-doubt or fears they may have.

5. Take an interest in them

If you want to motivate your child, you need to take an interest in your children. Find out their passion and encourage your children to stick what they are passionate about. It might be very difficult, but it is worth the effort.

Thanks for taking out the time to read this article. I am sure that you now know how to motivate your seven-year-old child and you will succeed if you follow these tips.

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