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Getting Over A Breakup

While some of us have not experienced this feeling many though have been there more than once.

Breakups are extremely stressful, unpleasant, and traumatic events, regardless of whether the individual in question is the one who actively made the decision to end the relationship. Both parties feel a large number of negative effects as a result of the relationship’s dissolution, and these events often gain the reputation for being some of the worst events in people’s lives.

Some of the aftermath feelings of breakup might include; psychological distress symptoms, grief reactions, an overall decline of psychological well-being, and potential stalking behaviors.

The feeling after a breakup can be quite awful, but you don’t need to go through all that. Here are some steps you can take to help you get over your ex.


Spring cleaning getting over a breakup

The first step to take is to get rid of anything that reminds you of your ex, this might include things like pictures, clothes, a particular scent or even a song. Things like this can bring up memories you’re trying to bury and open up wounds you’ve healed. In getting rid of and clearing out, you mentally make room for new things to come into your life.


Set new goals getting over a break up

Studies have shown that having some positive goals set up for yourself around this challenging time can be really helpful. It is far better to set yourself a list of ‘to do’ things as opposed to sitting in front of the phone hoping it will ring, or crying while getting drunk. Set new meaningful and achievable goals to help you take your mind off things.

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Focus on yourself

Make a list of all the things you still have to be grateful for regardless of what you think you have lost. Focusing on what you have as opposed to what is missing is far more productive. By Focusing on what you have, you’ll tend to see  more of the good things and wonderful people you still have in your life.



Set out a specific amount of time in a day for yourself, at least 10-15 minutes of ME time in your day. Use this time for meditation, not just for relaxation, but a time when you can work on changing your past thinking habits – the thinking that led you to where you find yourself now. Look at how you can change your thinking and introduce new positive thoughts/beliefs to replace old negative thoughts/beliefs.


Hanging out with friends and getting over a breakup

Not only do you have to spend time all by yourself, you also need to spend time with your friends. People that have your best interest at heart and are ready to support you in times like these. There are a lot of fun activities you can do with your friends to help you feel better and take your mind off things.


Self love

No matter how bad things might turnout, never allow anything or anyone make you feel worthless.
Love yourself even if no one else does. Remain in a state of Gratitude for what you do have. Appreciate who YOU are, your own self worth and inner beauty. Soon everyone else will see it.

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Getting over a breakup can be hard and even take longer than expected, but when you take the right steps to help yourself, you’ll get your life back on track and you’ll be as good as new.

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