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Story: The Mango Tree

The mango tree in four seasons

There was a woman who had four very beautiful and smart daughters. She wanted them to learn not to judge things or people too quickly so she sent them on a quest in turn to go and OK at the mango tree at the hills and the outskirts of the village. The first daughter went in the winter and the second went in the spring the third in summer the fourth and the youngest went in the fall.

When they all returned she called them together and ask them each to describe what they had seen or discovered about the mango tree; the first daughter said the tree was short, ugly, bent and twisted, the second said it was covered with green bird and full of promise, the third did not agree with anyone of them but said it was laden with blossoms that smell so sweet and looks beautiful it was the most graceful thing I have ever seen” the fourth daughter disagreed with them all; she said it was ripe with yellow, red orange and green fruits, and they were full of life and fulfillment.

The mother was so amazed with each the judgment and then explained to her daughters that they were all right.

Remember, they all went during each season and did not spend all four seasons, thus they had each seen only one season in the life of the tree, then she told them that you can not judge a tree of it’s importance because of the various experiences like drought, hurricane, flood, good whether conditions that it has pass through using only one season but rather waiting and taking into consideration all four seasons; then you can tell the importance of the tree.

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However, humans are like the mango tree because they go through seasons in their lifetime but these seasons when they pass through makes them more firm so when you meet someone do not come to conclusion quickly as you might be making a mistake because if you give up during the winter, you might miss the promise of the spring, the beauty of the summer and the fulfillment of the fall. More so, do not let the pain of one season destroy the joy of the others. Difficult moments that we go through in our day to day lives do not mean that our future will be difficult but rather prepares us for a better day

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